Best Butterfly Plant

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From: Ion Exchange, Inc.
RE: An Easy Way to Attract Hundreds of Butterflies

Beautiful purple and pink flowers to attract butterflies.

I wish I could find an easy way to attract butterflies to my property.

I know there are many plants that attract butterflies but I'd like to know one plant that is the best butterfly attractor.  I don't have time to research the many species that are out there. I want something showy that doesn't take up much space and can be planted in clusters.

Meadow Blazing Star, Liatris ligulistylis

Meadow Blazing Star is found in nature and it stands out as a sentinel and specimen on native prairies as it is upright and full of lovely blooms during the summer.  Year after year, the butterflies come back and flock to these gems of the prairie.  They are very easy to plant individually or in clusters.  They stand erect and do not take up a lot of space.

Meadow Blazing Star

  • Best Butterfly Plant

    This plant is a magnet for attracting butterflies.  It seems the butterflies come in from out of no where.  You will see scores of them flocking to your Meadow Blazing Stars.

  • Meadow Blazingstar is a Perennial

    Once established, this plant comes back year after year.  The corm or bulb grows larger every year creating even a more robust plant with each succeeding year.

  • Many Purple Blooms

    Clusters of purple blooms abound on a single plant rising above most other flowering plants to set off a spectacular scene in the summer.

  • Easy to Plant

    The small corms or bulblets are very easy to plant and will start growing right away.

  • Inexpensive Live Plant Plugs

    When you order these small plugs, your cost is negligible compared to buying larger plants at your lawn and garden center.

Rest assured that you have the best butterfly attractor plant, Meadow Blazingstar.

You will now be able to attract butterflies to your property with these perennial live plant plugs creating a purple spectacle.  They are easy to plant and inexpensive.

I want to show you the best way to attract butterflies.

Anyone who likes butterflies wants to get close to them and watch them. That's why I have selected Meadow Blazing Star as the best plant to attract butterflies.

Meadow Blazing Stars are 100% Guaranteed to Attract Butterflies after their 2nd year of growth.

Buy today and receive a free copy of How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden.

Buy Your Live Plant Plugs Today

Supplies are limited to the first customers as there is a great demand for the Meadow Blazing Stars.

The Reasons Why I Want This

Yes, I want to get started planting my property with Meadow Blazingstars and attract hundreds of butterflies.

  • I understand that Meadow Blazingstar is the best plant to attract butterflies with beautiful purple-pink flowers that will keep coming back year after year and adding fun and joy to my environment.
  • After the second year of growth, if this is not the best plant that I have seen to attract butterflies, my money will be refunded in full.
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Don't pass up your opportunity to attract butterflies with our Meadow Blazing Stars!